When the Spirit Speaks.

In the midst of our lives there are different seasons upon which we draw a multitude of life experience. From our infancy through our final age we continuously grow, willingly or not by those factors in and around our life. School, graduation, our jobs, marriage, relationships, retirement…

Sometimes in the midst of these spaces it can feel as if we are desperately alone, caring the burden of our emotions and the weight of the world silently and with difficulty upon our shoulders. The weight can be crushing causing us to collapse inward, falling in a pit with the raw smell of dark caving us in to a place of isolation and loneliness. We may be desperate to hear the sound of anything, besides our own thouhts, and the torments of our own mind.

I invite you to stop and be. Be still.

Listen. Two gifts are yet with you in the midst of this narrowing tomb.

The first is breath. Your heart might be beating and racing hard, with short gasps of air for a more richer life. We get distracted by its’ galloping… but hear and know it is still yet with you. Notice the cool way the air enters your nose. How it leave warm and comforting. You have life brewing inside you. You have life.

What a gift.

Be still and know. Feel that life. Feel the breath of each moment as an awakening to know that you are a gift and have the gift of of existence pulsing through you. In and out. In-Out. In-Out. Hear life.

Two. Open your eyes just slightly to see that there is light in life. Light in the breath you breath. Light in your existence.

Follow your eyes to the light of energy, of breath, that nourishes you. Allow it to shift your vision, guiding you to be aware that you have power and strength to break the barriers of the cave. That the cave is not a chamber of death, but a womb that you emerge from, a moment in existence where you will come out new and whole, to breath with deep, beautiful, fresh, healing breaths, alive to a new way to see the radiance of colors that the light brings. The radience of your being in a world of colors, of flowers and fields of green grass growing, trees that flourish, clouds that float by and a sun that warms you, your hair, and fingers and toes, your heart. Turn your face to the sun to the light.

Breath in deep. Give it all away. All the pain that made a chamber, and soak into your being the joy and fullness of being free.

Be still and know you are a beautiful gift of the creating Spirit of God and you have been spoken to, in and through. You have been carried. You are transformed.


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