Re-calibrating Love: Loving With All You’ve Got. 03-20-2019 Lenten Series

We begin with a poem crafted by your host just for today.

Re-calibrating Love
Feeling out of wack and blue.  Our friends say to your heart stay true.
But what a statement they have shared, and now you wonder, what do you care?
Do you care about anything, and just what might that be?  Where is your center that gives stability?
How do you find yourself when it’s lost?  How do you heal, when about you’ve been tossed?
Where do you focus to find yourself?  Where do you go, or do you sit on a shelf?
How do you manage, restart again?  Do you have room for the love of a friend? Someone to help you dig deep inside. 
Someone to point you to love that abides? Someone to guide you, help you see.  That the center of love will set you free.
A love that will take you just as you are.  A love that does not care what you drive as a car.
A love that simply asks you to respond. By loving your God, and your neighbor in song.
Love that is more than a hottest new toy, but is filled with compassion, and kindness and joy.
Written by Rev. Nicole Martin 03-20-2019

We all have times in our lives when we can feel completely discombobulated from the relationships that surround us.  They can leave us in a tail spin wondering which  out.  But like sailors of long ago, when they questioned their course, they first must insure that compass is calibrated.

Yes, equipment like compasses, which we use to measure degrees and help us stay oriented, often times need to be re-calibrated and sometimes so do we.  We can get turned around and feel upside down, not knowing here or there, because the decisions we must face are so difficult.  So we must find a starting point to work from.So we can go forward, and we must re-calibrate our directions based off that starting point. 

The million-dollar question is, “What is your starting point?”  What do you consider your true north that helps you help navigate through the wilderness?  For many people they say simply, “Being a good person,” or they might be a bit more specific and say God. 

But I offer that maybe we need to be more specific even than that, and identify not just the constellation that is easier to see,  but the specific star that guides us.  As a person who claims Christianity as my spiritual flavor, I offer that Jesus, himself, is the star we look toward, and the words he tells us are the map to guide us.   

Hear O Israel, the Lord our God.  The Lord is one.  Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all you soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.  The second is this love your neighbor as yourself. 

Love of God.  Love neighbor.  Acting as the north star of our moral compass, helping guide us on the pathways of life.  Giving us a place to look to when we are unsure, and a place of support when we are afraid.

Love God.  Love Neighbor.   In this we are recalibrated to start the journey once again, for one more day.  Thanks be to God. 

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