Do you know where the Gospital is?

Slide1Do you know where the Gospital is?

So this week I was ill and not moving from my place of comfort.  Those cozy sheets keeps us warm when we are fighting chills.  My daughter, being a great nurse, decides to read me my daily devotions.  As she is reading, her language keeps being interrupted by her brain’s subconscious and every time she attempts to say the word gospel she says, “Gospital”.  I laughed with all the energy I had at that moment, which wasn’t much, and thought how appropriate this scenario was.

In these very subtle moments a new way of hearing the gospel is revealed and we listen a little different.  The Gospital. The merger of the healing resurrectional event of Jesus on the cross, for the salvation of our soul, and the image of a hospital, a place we too often must go for healing of our bodies.  In Mark 2: Jesus says, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick’ I have come to call not the righteous but sinners.”

The text seems to imply, or could imply, that maybe we can be righteous and if we work hard enough we can keep our self out of the hospital.  But, lets be real, who isn’t sick?  Who doesn’t struggle with the difficulties of life, making decisions that have real consequences not only for our self but also for those around us?  Who hasn’t wrestled with how we treat our neighbor or those “less fortunate”? Who hasn’t wrestled with behavior that puts wedges between our self, our family, our friends, and God?  Who hasn’t made a choice only to be blindsided by the effects later on?  No not one of us are righteous, it isn’t something we can earn or make happen for our self.  WE ALL NEED THE GOSPITAL.  We all need to know the cross and the resurrection.  We all need to hear that Jesus in those place does the most amazing work of a physician, a skilled surgeon, eradicating sin by God’s action for us, through God’s mercy and love.  We all need to hear that righteousness isn’t about our doing but about God’s righteousness and because of God’s righteousness the Gospital is God’s gift of healing to us.  To mend those broken relationship and broken bridges that we have left in the wake of our own making.

Let anyone with ears to hear listen and respond.  Do you know where the Gosptial is???

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